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Korean Cabbage
$1.29/LB Nappa
/ EA
White Radish
Chinese Eggplant
Shanghai Choy Tip
$3.99/LB Ginger
/ Pack
Rich Cauliflower
Peking Green Onion
Taiwan Bok Choy
Baby Bokchoy Tip
Lotus root
$2.59/LB Lotus root
/ Pack
$4.99/LB Okra
/ Pack
Yu Choy
$2.99/LB Yu Choy
/ Bag
$1.59/LB Wintermelon
/ Pack
AA Lettuce
$1.99/LB AA Lettuce
/ EA
Baby Mustard
Yu Choy Tip
$3.99/LB Yu Choy Tip
/ Bag
$3.99/LB Bittermelon
/ Pack
Chinese Chive
$5.99/LB Chinese Chive
/ Bunch
Chinese Celery
2.99/LB Chinese Celery
/ Bunch
$1.29/LB Chayote
/ Pack
Shanghai Bok Choy
Local Fresh Peanuts
Gai Lan/ Chinese Broccoli
Chive Flower
Walnut With Shell
Long Green  Bean
Snow Pea
$4.99/LB Snow Pea
/ Pack
Baby Mustard Tips
Fresh Garlic Sprout
Green Papaya
Fuzzy Squash
$1.99/LB Fuzzy Squash
/ Pack
Lemon Grass
$2.99/Bunch Lemon Grass
/ Bunch
Amaranth-Red Stripe
Ton Ho Choy
$3.99/LB Ton Ho Choy
/ Bag
Big Bok Choy
Indian Bittermelon
Indian Eggplant
A Choy
$3.99/LB A Choy
/ Bag
Thai Eggplant
$2.99/LB Thai Eggplant
/ Pack
Taiwan Okra
$2.99/LB Taiwan Okra
/ Pack
Green Radish
Gai Lan Tips
Chinese Yam
$3.99/LB Chinese Yam
/ Bunch
Chinese Okra
$3.99/LB Chinese Okra
/ Pack
Baby Bok Choy Sum
Yellow Chive
$7.99/LB Yellow Chive
/ Pack
White Ton Choy
$3.99/LB White Ton Choy
/ Bunch

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