The commitment from our Produce Department is Fresh and Quality. We offer the freshest and most varieties in town which were shipped from the world daily, including Lychee, Dragon Fruit, Jamaican Papaya, Fresh Durian (Seasonal), Sweet Apple and much, much more.


We not only offer packaged meat for your convenient of grab and go, but also provide fresh cut meat which means you can buy the volume according to your need. why buy more which you can not eat them all and put them into a fridge which will loose the freshness. Varieties include Pork Butt, Whole Chicken, Ground Meat, Pork Bones, Oxtail, Beef Ribs and more.


Our seafood department offers most of the seasonal seafood products either from the lake or the sea under the category of Fresh Cut, Packaged and Live. Come to experience the freshest while it is still swimming. Varieties Live lobster, Vancouver crab, Clam, swimming Large Mouth and Green Bass.


Pasta, Honey, Vinegar, Seasoning, Sauce, Rice and Flour. This is only a small part of our grocery items. When you shop with us, please also take time to experience the products from the world of Asian, East and West Indian, Europe and South America, etc.

Dairy and Frozen

Cheese, Milk, Yogurt and Egg, we carry them all in our Dairy department. If you think this is not enough, please try our frozen products, Frozen Dumpling, Shrimp, Ice cream, and Fish from the deep sea.


Do not have time to cook or would like to try Chinese food, we have a delicious menu for you. Our recently opened BBQ counter will be your another option to fill your dinner dish.